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Good to know before getting on board


Prams, wheelchairs and similar vehicles are free of charge on board, space permitting. 


Bikes can be brought on trains and regional buses as long as there is space available. Bikes are not allowed on city buses within Kronoberg County. You can take a folding bicycle, electric scooter,
kickbike and microbike if fully folded.


Eating on board
Food and beverages may be brought on board and consumed in such a way that other travellers are not disturbed and no damage is done to the transport principal’s or fellow travellers’ property. The traveller is responsible for any such damage. 


Alcoholic drinks may not be consumed on buses or trains. This applies to stations and bus shelters as well. 


Dogs, cats and other small animals that do not disturb other travellers may be brought on board without charge. Animals should be leashed or kept in a cage. 


The traveller must be in possession of a valid ticket and prepared to show it at any time during the journey. Travellers without a ticket or with an invalid ticket must pay a surcharge of 1200 SEK in addition to the fare. 


Media players

Use music players, computers or other media players in a way that staff or fellow travellers are not disturbed or interfered. 



Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited on buses and trains as well as on platforms, weather shelters and bus stops.


Children and young adults

Traveller paying the fares of children and young adults has to inform the driver about this in advance, otherwise the adult ticket price has to be paid.


Safety belt

Use safety belts when available. Silent compartments There are special compartments on board trains. In these compartments mobile phones have to be muted or turned off, and conversations should be avoided. 


Media players

Music players, computers and other media players should be used with earphones. It is the responsibility of anyone travelling with children in a silent compartment to make sure that the children show the same consideration. 



The validity of a ticket is stated on the ticket. You enjoy unlimited travel on your chosen route within the validity period.