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Länstrafiken Kronoberg is a politically driven organization, where the Regional Council Transport Committee prepares matters to the Regional Board. The Transport Committee's Chairman is Carina Bengtsson (C). To see all the elected officials in the Transport Committee click here » 
For information on the Regional Council of Southern Småland political organization, click here » 
The official organization of länstrafiken is headed by the Traffic Director, who is responsible for contacts with the owners, the board, contractors and government agencies, etc. Länstrafiken Kronoberg´s operations are divided into three sections: 
  • Traffic staff (economics, procecurment, trains)
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service
    - Customer Center
    - Traffic Management 
  • Traffic
  • Serviceresor
     - specific traffic for health care and disabled.
Our business
Länstrafiken Kronoberg is responsible for local and rural public transport in the County of Kronoberg. Länstrafiken is also responsible for the coordination as well as missions for transportation by special agreement with the municipality or County. Our tasks are based on the guidelines set ut by the council to: procure, coordinate, plan, develop and promote public transport and demand-responsive services in the County. 
Activities include
  • Total Line bus service throughout the County
  • School transport for seven municipalities 
  • Train traffic for Öresundståg, Krösatågen and Pågatåg
  • Mobility traffic service in Alvesta, Lessebo, Ljungby, Tingsryd, Uppvdinge and Växjö municipalities
  • Specific traffic for health care traffic throughout Kronoberg County
  • Complementary services in Alvesta, Markaryd, Lessebo, Ljungby, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge och Växjö
The turnover for länstrafiken is about 900 million SEK a year and we carry about 11,9 million trips a year. The Line buses is the largest part of our business and it consists of both rural and urban traffic. About half of the revenue for länstrafiken comes from ticket sales and the rest comes from tax subsidies from members. 
Länstrafiken Kronoberg doe not own any busses or trains, the traffic is carried out by independent contractors. Currently we have 41 different companies that works for Länstrafiken Kronoberg and a total of 369 vehicles. The main contractor is Bergkvara buss and Grimslövsbuss.

Our Vision

"The natural way to travel in a sustainable society". 


We offer attractive travel that creates opportunities for the region to develop. 
Our vision is a long term goal for the business. By daily fulfilling our mission, we will realize our vision.