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How to buy tickets

We offer a wide range of tickets and payment options for those who travel with us. If you travel with a single ticket, our travel app is the easiest option. You can also travel using our travel card – Resekortet. Remember that the Resekort travel card is your proof of purchase and must accompany you for the whole of your journey.

Single ticket
The price of a single ticket is determined by the number of zones and the age of the passenger. For travel in city buses one fare applies – equivalent to one zone. A single ticket for a train journey gives free travel on buses in both the arrival and departure zone.
Period ticket
Our 30-day tickets are the best option for those who travel the same route often. Buy your period ticket in the travel app or load your ticket on your Resekort travel card for unlimited travel for 30 days. The ticket is for journeys by train and/or bus.
Children/young adults receive a 25 % discount on the 30-day ticket.
 The ticket is for persons who are 0-19 years of age. When travelling with a child/young person 30-day ticket you have to show a valid ID card to confirm your age.
Students receive a 25 % discount on the 30-day ticket.
For passengers who are studying, we give a 25% discount. The ticket is called a Student 30-day ticket and is for students
who have a digital Mecenat card or WeStudent with the student symbol.
During onboard inspection, passengers must be able to provide valid student ID with student travel symbol and photo ID. To be eligible for the student discount, you must: Be registered at a course or programme at a university, university college or other adult education which qualifies you for student
aid. Be studying at a rate of at least 50% for at least 10 consecutive weeks in a semester.

30-day ticket Train is also valid for journeys by bus on selected routes.
30-day ticket County applies to journeys throughout Kronoberg County including city transport.

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How to pay for your ticket