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Information due to the coronavirus covid-19

During the current situation, it is not possible to buy tickets or activate your period ticket on board on a large part of our buses, including the city buses in Växjö.

Buy your ticket in our traveling app Länstrafiken Kronoberg, at the Customer Center or at our sales outlets.

You can buy your period ticket at the Customer Center, sales outlets or My pages (Mina sidor). 

The affected buses have the following markings on the center and rear doors.

Front door closed on our buses

In order to reduce the spread of covid-19 we have closed the front door in our buses. Please step on the middle door or the back door.

Valid ticket

You still need a valid ticket. We recommend our mobile ticket or our Period ticket (must be activated), with them you can sit down when you go in the bus, you don´t have to approach the driver.


From Augusti 31, 2020, you can buy your Period ticket in our new travel app

Trips to Denmark

For trips to Denmark, please read more on skanetrafiken.se

Thank you for following the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and making your trip with public transport as safe for you and for your fellow travelers as possible.

  • Keep your distance.
  • If possible, walk, cycle or use other alternative modes of transport.
  • Travel with consideration
  • Avoid traveling in rush hour if you can.
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid traveling with us if you are ill, belong to a risk group and / or are over 70 years of age.


More information

We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. Our traffic works as usual.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact our Customer Center.

Customer Centre

Do you have a question regarding tickets/cards or how to travel within Kronoberg County and in southern Sweden? Please contact our Customer Centre at 0771-76 70 76 or kundcenter@lanstrafikenkron.se
We are situated at Växjö central station - welcome!